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Coaching in Ottawa with Norm Lapalme of WOW Clubs

Norm Lapalme of WOW Clubs was born of entrepreneurs, is an International Business Coach and Speaker with an education in business management. As business owners we all know that passion drives our business and is the greatest single factor that attracts clients. Having created, grown and managed seven businesses in as many verticals, he is an Idea Man with the pedigree to walk to the walk, not just talk.

Having overcome a career as a self-proclaimed professional procrastinator, Norm has turned an interest into a passion and a passion into process whereby he coaches people across Canada, the US and the UK. As the founder of WOW Clubs, a series of Mastermind Groups, he has transformed the lives of entrepreneurs, professional athletes, New York Times bestselling authors and professionals.

Applying the advice of his entrepreneurial father who said: “Norm, whatever you do, it has to be fun, easy, important to you, and profitable for everybody involved,” Norn has moved forward in his life to manage corporations and SME’s. “The fun part for me,” he claims, “is using my talent to create wonderful businesses with others.” He coaches individuals every day through one-on-one consultation, he is a well-known speaker and motivator, and he delivers seminars on subjects related to being a successful entrepreneur. To his clients and friends he is more affectionately known as “The Innovator”, “The Optimizer” or “The Vending Machine of Big Ideas.” You can find more on Norm and his offerings by searching WOW Clubs online.


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