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Isagenix Ottawa-J’lene Bradley

Several years ago, J’lene became disgruntled with her job as a nurse. She loved the health field, as helping others was her calling in life. Throughout her nursing career, J’lene worked with all ages of people, but found her calling in supporting women through pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-partum issues. She was even responsible for med-evacs from the Arctic, where communities have limited resources and personnel.

About the same time that she was becoming disgruntled with her position as a nurse, a friend introduced her to Network Marketing. And you know what they say: “When a door closes, a window opens.” After trying a number of Network Marketing companies and products, J’lene realized that she loved being an Entrepreneur, but had yet to find the right fit. Having embraced the opportunity to try something new she wanted to find an opportunity that would allow her to continue to fulfill her need to help others, apply her health experience and have the opportunity to become financially independent. And that is when she discovered Isagenix.

Isagenix Ottawa, which is a larger part of Isagenix Canada, is a world leader in Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems.  Their programs help individuals optimize their health through a stimulant-free, nutrient infusion routine that results in having higher energy and a more youthful constitution. Amoungst many high-end health products, they offer easy, complete 9 and 30 day Cleansing, Fat Burning and Weight Loss packages.

“All network marketing companies are not created equal,” is the advice that she offers to others who are looking to improve their physical and financial health.

Through her experiences, J’lene discovered that she had a love for networking, meeting new people and empowering others. “Catch me a fish and feed me for a day, teach me to fish and feed me for a lifetime.” As her success grew and she applied herself, J’lene started to see that she was having a positive affect on the lives of others and knew that she had found a new calling. Currently she is waiting for your call so she can help you move forward to completing your goals in your life.


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