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Chiropractor in Stittsville and Kanata

You may, or may not know this, but our bodies crave alignment as much as they crave vitamins, minerals and all of the things that let them function as they are designed. When properly aligned, our bones support our weight, the same as the frame of a house supports the walls. Effort is minimized, strain is reduced and all things are allowed to function as they have been designed. The immediate result is improved health, blood is free to move, oxygen gets to the places it is required, , and waste is removed.

They were not far off the mark when school girls walked around balancing books on their heads. Standing up straight supports your whole body, removes pressure from where it is not supposed to be and makes you aware of and connected to every zone your body. Great posture is a way of doing things with more energy, less stress and fatigue. Without good posture, you cannot really be physically fit. Without good posture, you can actually damage your spine every time you exercise.

Think of it: our frame is made of bones that are stacked upon each other. Our head rests directly over the spine, which is comprised of many vertebrae, each fitting with the next like a puzzle. These are stacked on our pelvis, which is divided equally over two knees and two ankles, thereby distributing the weight of the entire frame. Then you add a hundred pounds of muscle, organs and fluids and you have a highly functioning, simple yet complex machine that transports us through our lives.

People who spend a lot of time sitting, hunching or immobile put a lot of pressure on their systems. First of all, the neck and back have to carry the weight of the body rather than it being supported by the spine. This creates joint pressure, which comes in the form of neck and back pain, which can lead to headaches, short attention span, and depression. One system affects another, and each system compensates for the shortcomings of others until the whole system is at risk. By then it may be too late to return the whole system to a pristine sate. Got a headache? It may be your spine talking to you. See Jim Moore, Chiropractor in Stittsville and Kanata.

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