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Video Coaching with Kristen White of Instant Celebrity

Most of us find it a strange and unpleasant experience the first time we see or hear ourselves in a recording. It is because we are accustomed to hearing our own voices through the bone of our skull, which is completely different from how others hear us. As for seeing ourselves, suddenly the lens is close, the lighting is poor and the grain is accenting our flaws. Noses look funny, mannerisms become annoyingly obvious and we never measure up to the mental image of ourselves. But when we observe others watching us, they seem to be oblivious to the details that scream out to us. With a little Media Training from Kristen White of Instant Celebrity, you will learn how to control the message and control the medium.

Being self-aware and self-conscious are two completely separate states of being on camera. One leads down the road of success and the other leads directly to disaster. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, but go straight to jail and stay there away from the cameras, away from the lights and away from the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. And then, on the other hand, with a little Video Coaching with Kristen White of Instant Celebrity, you can slay your inner dragon and move into the spotlight with confidence, poise and certainty.

It’s true that most people fear public speaking more than they fear death, but that most likely evolved because death is inevitable and public speaking has been avoidable. But with the advent of Social Media, the power of online video marketing and multiple cameras in every household, it looks as though public speaking is soon to be inevitable as well.

Welcome to the 21st Century where the media paradigms of the last several hundred years are converging on the Internet. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the one-way communication that was controlled by newspapers, radio, television and film. Today’s consumers want to see who is behind the product and they want to communicate. Don’t let fear keep you from leveraging the power of video. Watch our Four Free Videos that are designed to help you immediately and let us help you slay your dragons at instantcelebritysuccess.com.

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