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How Do I Get Published with Peggy McColl

Peggy McColl the Author of “Destinies”, Bob Proctor of “The Secret,” Gay Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute and Mary Morrissey are seeking aspiring writers to co-author with them.  Imagine having the leaders of your industry onboard when attempting to create success for yourself. When they publish Making A Million Look Small, it will become an instant Bestseller. Together this Fab Four of Success are combining over 150 years of writing, publishing, motivation and teaching you how to do the same. If you have ever envisioned yourself as an author, leader and motivator of others, there has never been a better opportunity. It is akin to having four of the best musicians on your album, four of the biggest film stars in your movie or four of the best hockey players on tour team. Success isn’t a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” And the “when” is now, the “where” is the FREE Webinar link below, the “how” is before you, the “who” is you, the “why” is in your heart. It is the same “why” that has always been there. As Peggy McColl or Bob Proctor will tell you, the key to a successful life, the life that you want, is in the choices you make at the time that you make them. This is one of those times. So, if you want to know “How to get Published” with Peggy McColl, you should have no doubts at this time.

Imagine that you write a book and place your name upon it. Then you must design, publish and market your book, spending years and tens of thousands of dollars to build your name, with no guarantees of ever reaching the success that you know you deserve. With “Making a Million Look Small.”  As Bob Proctor says “don’t think about it, don’t even look sideways.” Understanding “How to be Rich,” is about making money so that you may enjoy life and then using your rewards to do good in the world.  As you read this, you are really only a few steps away from having your name alongside Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Mary Morrissey and Gay Hendricks as they create a Bestseller. Ask yourself why am I not on the Webinar for “Making a Million Look Small”, after all it’s free. Many of us sit around waiting for a sign from a higher power and I think that you can stop waiting, because the answer to the question “How Do I Get Published with Peggy McColl” is right in front of you.


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