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Peggy McColl Author of “Destinies”

Peggy McColl, Author of “Destinies,” is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and online marketing guru. Her field of expertise is motivating others in business and their personal lives to achieve success. Her latest effort is Makings a Million Look Small in combination with Mary Morrissey, Gay Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute and Bob Proctor of “The Secret.” For the past 25 years she has worked with professional athletes, and organizations to effect positive change.

 When it came to writing her first book, Your Destiny Switch, Peggy did not know anyone in the publishing industry, no book store owners and was up against the an industry that looked down upon self-published authors. She had also spent months writing her book, at which time she did not collect a wage. So, there she, a single mother with a stack of unpaid invoice for editing, printing and shipping, needing to sell 3000 copies ASAP. And, so began the journey.

Now you have an opportunity to leverage the experience of Peggy, Bob, Mary and Gay, their collective years of leadership, their vast knowledge of publishing and marketing. You can join your name to theirs and become an instant success by co-publishing with them in “Making a Million Look Small.” They want to take your experience and use it to teach millions. Are you ready?

Each of us is limited by the things that we do not know, but how can we ask the right question to get the right answer when we do not know what we do not know? We cannot. If we are lucky or driven, we cross paths with people who change our lives. If you are reading this article then you have the awareness that your situation is not just a matter of chance, but it is now a matter of choice. So make a commitment to yourself, get onboard and become the next bestselling author. It’ll change your life for the better forever.



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