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How Do I Get Published with Bob Proctor ((Tag:What is The Secret, How to be Rich, How to Be a Writer, How to Be an Author, How Do I Get Published )

Bob Proctor of “The Secret,” Gay Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute, Peggy McColl the Author of “Destinies” and Mary Morrissey are extending an invitation to aspiring writers who would like to co-author with them. Participants will become instant co-authors of a Bestseller. It will be the equivalent of having the Justice League on your side. Combined they have made millions and have well over 100 years of experience. Becoming published does not guarantee success. What is the point of sharing your experience and no one reads it outside of your immediate friends and relatives? What every writer needs to be exposed a wider audience, to people who do not know you, but need your help. Obviously, if you had access to the millions of people who follow these fab four, these Kings and Queens of “Manifestation,” then your voice could be joined with theirs and so would your instant success. So, the real question is: How Do I Get Published with Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Gay Hendricks and Mary Morrissey? It is called “Making a Million Look Small.”

As Bob Proctor says “It is said that people resist change. That's not necessarily true. People openly accept change when they decide to change. If I come along and said, "You have to do it this way," you'd probably react to that. You'd resist it. But if you decide to do it this way, then you adapt to it. Well, this is causing people to change and they're reacting. They don't like it. The truth is, this is waking people up in large numbers and it's not going to go away. You've heard the saying, "When you hear the truth, you'll know it." Well, there's a reason for that. It resonates with the soul.

If you ever wanted to change your personal “Law of Attraction” to the best it can be, then this is the opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. We all know that there is a secret, but “What is The Secret?” Knowing “How to be Rich,” is about having the money to do good in the world, to affect positive change that only can initiate. “How to Be a Writer” is more of a lesson in how to help others. “How to Be an Author,” is how to affect others. “How Do I Get Published,” means what do I do first? All you need to do is join in and, contribute and follow the steps that have been refined by four successful writers. Don’t ask “Where to Get Published,” because the answer is right in front of you. Ask yourself why am I not on the Webinar for “Making a Million Look Small”, after all it’s free. Many of us sit around waiting for a sign from a higher power and I think that you can stop waiting, because the answer, as always, is right in front of you.



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