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Ottawa Restaurant-Busters Bar and Grill

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Ottawa Restaurant Buster’s Bar & Grill is about great food in a relaxing and fun environment and getting to know your server on a first-name basis. Buster’s is part of the community and a place the community can call its own. Come out and watch the game on one of our many HD televisions, play NTN, or take advantage of our many promotions. Buster’s is about comfort food, (Buster’s classics), also offering a variety of favourites, appetizers, Bad Boy’s sandwiches, breakfast items, selection for our seniors and children and much more.

Ottawa Restaurant Buster’s Bar & Grill is a franchisee of its Buster’s Entertainment Company. Buster’s locations include Ottawa, Carleton Place and Rockland. We look forward to our continued expansion. Our Buster’s Founder (the "Dog Father" himself) has over 30 years experience. He started this concept because he remembers that good food was important to his mother who was also a Chef. It was time to bring back some of that old-fashion cooking including some of his mother’s recipes – meat sauce, cabbage rolls, meatloaf and much more. The Buster’s logo was created with the image of looking at the Founder’s two Pug dogs that he owns; and yes, two breakfasts named after each of them – Bud, and Wiser.  We look forward to welcoming you to Buster’s Bar & Grill. Equally, if you are interested about investing in a Buster’s Bar & Grill or flipping your current restaurant in to a Buster’s Bar & Grill, contact Buster’s Entertainment. There are three locations serving you including Ottawa, Carleton Place and Rockland. Click on locations for details.

There are various events happening at various Busters’ locations. Did you know that you DO NOT NEED a COUPON for Buster’s evening specials, but the purchase of beverage is required from 4-closing. These include: Monday night – 1/2 price Fucazza Night, Tuesday night – 2 for 1 Fajitas, Wednesday night Wing Specials, Sunday’s (11-closing) purchase of adult meal required – kids eat for a Twoonie, Sunday’s (4-closing) all you can eat spaghetti. Check out other in-store specials at each location. We are also a wheelchair accessible restaurant in Ottawa and cater to clients that require hearing impaired services.


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