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Blind Cleaning by Brighter Blinds Ottawa

Brighter Blinds will remove 100% of natural contaminants from many of your household items. Not many jobs are as onerous as cleaning your own blinds. The problem is, frequent dusting actually builds static attracting even more dust. When cleaning with a damp cloth, dirt is carried from one slat to the next. Immersing in a bathtub or using a garden hose can cause permanent damage, and it's not any simpler with drapery. Most custom-made drapery should only be professionally cleaned but a trip to the dry cleaners can be disastrous. Fabrics tumbled in huge commercial machines lose their shape, or worse, come out damaged or shrunk. Protect your investment and get longer life out of your quality window coverings, by using the Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning method.

In our process, we use a large stainless steel tank that is divided into two chambers; one is for cleaning and one is for rinsing. The chambers hold approximately 55 gallons of water, which is temperature controlled. Transducer packs are immersed in the water and are powered by a generator, which creates sound waves. The Sound waves cause billions of bubbles to implode, thus causing 'Cavitation'. This causes gentle, but highly effective agitation, which penetrates the smallest crevice and lifts the dirt free from your blinds. Only ultrasonic cleaning removes 100% of all contaminants, including the dirt and dust in the cords, ladders, controls and head rails. Your blinds emerge looking like the day you installed them. Hunter Douglas approves this method for any of their aluminum blinds, faux woods and most verticals.
Since not all window covering styles are suited to being immersed in a tank of warm water, but still need to be cleaned, Brighter Blinds offers On-Site cleaning. Our portable drapery cleaning unit uses an Injection/Extraction technique, using either heated water or a dry cleaning solution, depending upon the fabric. Our on-Site Cleaning process cleans your draperies and valances where they hang, and most dry within a couple of hours.
Brighter Blinds is proud to have qualified for the following accreditations and Certifications that include Fabricare Specialist, Hunter Douglas Professional Installers, Shade-O-Matic Shutter Installers, Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Technicians and certified On-Site Cleaning Technicians.

http://www.brighterblinds.ca 613 482-4450 Blind Cleaning Ottawa, Ottawa Blinds Cleaning, How to Clean Blinds, Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning, 1806 Dunrobin Rd, Ottawa, K2K 1X7


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