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Daytime Ottawa Co-Host Search- Penny Lee Colbourne

Bio: Penny has worked behind and in front of the camera – from filming polar bears on the Arctic sea ice, to covering the arts for CTV Montreal, to digging up the characters and the stories for dozens of documentary TV series. She is a master multi-tasker with an insatiable curiosity who loves to laugh, dance the boogie, eat good food, tell outrageous stories and connect with interesting people.

Three adjectives that best describe you: 1. Outgoing, 2. Inquisitive, 3. Optimistic

Favourite Activities: Penny enjoys canoeing with her little boys, awesome husband and funny dog to her secret perfect little swimming spot on Meech Lake. She likes playing squash with a worthy opponent (who doesn't win every game), making jewellery, taking photos, dancing to good music (usually in her kitchen these days), seeing/hearing a great band play live in a little venue and relaxing at the end of a long busy day with a glass of wine and a good book… ah, that's what she calls heaven.

Proudest accomplishment: Having had the opportunity and gumption to discover and experience so many incredible places around the world… and there are still so many more to explore!

 “Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Penny Lee Colbourne know What to Do in Ottawa and about Ottawa Attractions. If you are looking for Fun Things to Do in Ottawa or What to Do with Kids in Ottawa then watch Daytime Ottawa for the best Attractions in Ottawa and Activities in Ottawa and the National Capital Region.

http://rogerstv.com/DaytimeOttawa “Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Penny Lee Colbourne reveal What to Do in Ottawa, Ottawa Events and Activities in the National Capital region.


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