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Ottawa MMA N1Thai

MMA Ottawa: Man has the ability to be the most unpredictable, vicious animal in the jungle, which is why man against man contests have always been the true test of human endurance. And that is unlikely to change until Jurassic Park, 28 Days Later, Alien or Predator come to fruition.

There are many fine schools focused on Martial Arts in Ottawa. You can see the students standing in rows, repeating physical actions and silently mouthing mantras. Each element is important in the process of turning physical reactions into second nature actions. But your body only represents half of the “machine.” It is your quick mind, creativity and looseness of being that will allow you to connect to the power within, guide the process and prevail over your opponents. If not, then it would always be the biggest man that would always win and we would all be performing competitive needlepoint. Not unlike Luke, it is important to learn to understand and guide the force within. And that is what distinguishes N1Thai from all others; inner calm, outer control and stamina.

Since that first big North American MMA fight in Denver in 1993, Mixed Martial Arts has grown into a force of its own. The truth is that connecting with our primal selves is something that will not be weeded out us of this week, this year or this century. Meanwhile, we have the stress of the 21st Century moving us forward at the speed of fiber optics, the endlessly changing face of the civilizations and the general wear and tear of living within the elements. Like the Rolling Stones album says, you gotta “Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!”

If you are looking for Fitness in Ottawa or an Ottawa Boot Camp for Women or exceptional Martial Arts or Kickboxing in Ottawa, then look no further than N1Thai. What makes them the best at Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Boxing, Yoga, Wrestling and Muay Thai training in the region is Leadership. Drop in to 401 Preston Street Ottawa to ask questions, observe and chat with people just like you. Call them at 613-233-6981, or info@n1thai.com by email, and get your Ya-Yas moving!


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