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Da Bombe Desserts Ottawa

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Da Bombe Desserts Ottawa

Since 2004 Da Bombe Dessert Factory has been delivering gourmet individual style Dessert in Ottawa. These exceptional Ottawa Desserts are available for retail and wholesale purchase from one of the Best Dessert Places in Ottawa. In the tradition of grandma’s kitchen, they use only pure Belgian chocolate, fresh cream, butter, eggs and top quality fruits. When it comes to indulging, Da Bombe Dessert Factory’s individual style desserts are Ottawa’s fastest growing trend.

Why settle for one cake and one flavour at your next get-together when Da Bombe’s combinations are endless? You’ll never have to cut another cake again. Defuse your sweet cravings, and take home Da Bombe cheesecakes, mousse cakes, tarts, pies and exotic decadences.

You might enjoy a one of our Caramelized Apple Cheesecake: Apple flavoured cream cheese in a gingersnap & rolled oats crust, topped with caramelized apples, crumble topping and caramel drizzle. Or you may like our White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake: Cherry and white chocolate flavoured cream cheese on an oreo cookie crumb crust, topped with sweet cherries, whipped cream and a sprinkle of white chocolate. Or you might want to try our Blueberry Lemon Meringue Cheesecake:

Smooth cream cheese with plump blueberries, baked on a shortbread crust, topped with zesty lemon & meringue.

But don’t stop there, because we have mousse cakes as well. There is Triple Chocolate Overload: White and dark chocolate mousse layered between devil’s food cake, topped with chocolate ganache, drizzled with white chocolate and a dusting of cocoa. Or, perhaps a Chocolate Raspberry Bombe: Mini dome cake filled with raspberry mousse, chocolate mousse and smothered in chocolate ganache. As well as Chocolate Orange "A Peel": Devil’s food cake topped with orange flavoured chocolate mousse, with chocolate ganache and candied orange peel.

If you enjoy pies, then we have banana cream, coconut cream and lemon meringue. And a mountain of tarts that include Chocolate Pecan, Ricotta Field Berry: A citrus flavoured ricotta cheese, topped with a field berry blend & rhubarb, baked with a crumble topping. Or Mango Lime: A flaky pastry tart shell, baked with pistachio & hazelnuts filled with ripe mangos and refreshing lime curd.

And for the ultimate in dessert we have our Sinful Selection. This includes White Chocolate Cream Horns: A flaky sweet pastry horn filled with smooth white chocolate cream, ganache dipped and dusted with cocoa and icing sugar. Caramel Chocolate St. Honôre, which is Puff pastry & white sponge cake layered with chocolate ganache and caramel butter cream, topped with a mini cream puff and caramel drizzle. Or indulge yourself with Ginger Peach Upside Down Cake: Ripe peaches baked with essence of ginger on a moist sponge cake. Amongst Ottawa Dessert Places, Da Bombe is high on the Dessert Ottawa list.

Wholesale pricing is available for restaurants and other dessert vendors. Why spend hours on labour preparing a few good desserts when you can offer dozens of outstanding desserts prepared by an experienced Pastry Chef? Our prices will persuade you to consider the savings and our product will have your customers coming back for more. And thanks to Felice Miranda of felicemiranda.com and Dean Emerick of ottawasocialmediamarketing.com. Please call or e-mail us for a quote at orders@dabombedesserts.ca or find us at Da Bombe Dessert Factory, 18 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa, ON K1L 8L9, 613 741 0044.


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