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Stimulus Strategies Networking Ottawa

Stimulus Strategies Networking (SSN) is a team of business architects who build and structure REAL networking opportunities for ALL types of business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs. We believe that strategic networking is the ONLY way to grow your business network, get quality referrals, generate profit and build a sustainable brand. You may or may not know that successful sales people get 80-90% of their business through networking. That Referrals generate 80% more business than a cold call. Or that 70-75% of all buying decisions are made on a friend’s recommendation. Contrary to popular belief, networking is NOT talking to people, selling yourself or exchanging business cards. The real definition of networking is the art of making and maintaining relationships.

Regardless of what type of industry, the number of years in operation, or the level of profitability, every successful business professional MUST network! Stimulus Strategies Networking provides the RIGHT environment for that to take place.

Our business philosophy is founded upon efficiency, innovation, and quality; entrenched in services which target experienced business owners and young entrepreneurs, in the small and medium enterprises market. We provide the strategic Business Networking framework to these targeted groups that enable them to efficiently grow their business network, generate profit, develop long lasting business relationships and grow a sustainable brand.

We start with providing a structured environment for business owners to network, share quality referrals and generate leads, while building lasting business relationships. Our SSNetworking events serve as a platform to network on a larger scale and increase brand awareness. Through our online promotional tools, your business will be spotlighted in various arenas that will further cultivate brand awareness. We then incorporate business success growth seminars and workshops presented by leading industry experts to help you increase your overall skill set, build your brand and operate a profitable business. Our mission is to help members grow their business network, generate profit and build a sustainable service or product. We deliver the highest level of professionalism and experience through strategic business networking and referral programs. For more information please contact Kelvin Shaw or David Delice at 613 440 2975 or contact@ssnetworking.ca, and get your business moving in the right direction.


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