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Ottawa Spa-Image Essentials

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Ottawa Spa-Image Essentials

Image Essentials is a luxurious spa in the heart of downtown Ottawa that is a perfect therapeutic retreat with a wide range of personalized services including manicures, pedicures, facials and hair removal. We are the only spa in Ottawa to offer a State of the Art Enzyme Peel that gives your skin a smoother, younger look by reducing deep lines and shrinking pores. Tara Taylor, Heather Pardon and Pat Armstrong are the Founders of Just Say Yes! These successful women created this event to help other women also achieve success in mind, body and spirit. It was no coincidence that these three dynamic women came together. The idea of Just Say Yes! came to fruition when Tara, Heather and Pat, who’d just met while taking a cruise together, whimsically decided to spent an entire day just saying “yes” to whatever life brought forth.  

The events that followed this simple step opened their eyes to what we all can achieve when we encourage and inspire each other to be our personal best and to say Yes! to what the world has to offer. As women, we often deny our true selves and what we really want in life. We may have aspirations and desires but feel conflicted because of the many demands placed on ourselves from work, family, spouse, children, chores and more 

And they wanted more women to share in the experience of saying yes to themselves and so the idea was born. While all three women have very different backgrounds they share the passion and belief that encouragement, faith and a “Yes” attitude are key to living life to its fullest. Share in their stories and the wisdom and experience of 12 other amazing women who offer up their tips on achieving your highest goals, aspirations and dreams in all areas of your life. Learn how you can Just Say Yes! to your personal best too. 

Full-body massages and exfoliation treatments are also available, as are more unusual services such as the Fango therapy body wrap, a relaxing paraffin mud treatment that is beyond description. We have Anti-Aging Treatments that make you look better, feel better and increase the vitality of your skin. Try natural, safe and affordable wave stimulation therapy or Spa Light Fine Line Treatment, which is designed to produce younger and healthier skin by reducing the visible signs of aging. You can purchase them as individual treatments or as an economical package of six. There is also Mr100 that is a non-surgical treatment for toning and rejuvenating the face. It will help smooth away lines and wrinkles and revitalize the elasticity of the skin. This marvelous technology works to produce long-lasting results. On average, most people require 10 to 12 sessions for a full facial program.

In addition to our anti-aging and esthetic services, we also offer exclusive professional lines of skincare and cosmetic products. We are the only spa in Ottawa, and one of a few in Canada, that are certified by Epicuren to distribute its professional enzyme skin treatment products. The enzyme proteins used in Epicuren products are organ-specific, and speed up the cellular activity of dermal cells so that the skin becomes self-rejuvenating. Epicuren products are always on the cutting edge of science, preventive medicine and skin care. We also distribute Niko Cosmetics that are preferred by leading professional makeup artists as well as industry and television personnel. Niko makeup was designed specifically to create a flawless look–even under the bright lights of film production and the unforgiving eye of today’s high-definition television cameras.

Image Essentials also distributes the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is an easy 4-phase medically designed protocol that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. You can find us at 436 MacLaren Street (between Bank and Kent), or reach us through info@imageessentials.ca or call us at 613-237-9393.


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