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Left Click Productions-OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre

David Padbury is the owner and operator of Left Click Productions, a small Ottawa business dedicated to making fun, informative and innovative Internet shorts for your business, organization or band. Our goal is to give your business a unique video that you can put on your website, Youtube and/or any other social media site to garner attention. We will work with your input from the script through to the finished video to give you a product we all can be proud of.

If you have a band and need to get the word out about your music, then an affordable music video will get you the attention that you deserve. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words then how powerful is 30 frames a second? Very! We will work with you to get your ideas on video and out to where the world can find them. Then you can leverage those videos to get attention, attract scouts and sell band merchandise.

For many years, video sites have been full of low quality video and if you are just doing Jackass tricks or spreading your own testament, then that is just fine. But if you are a real business and a real band that wants to get to the next level, then you are going to need a little more. You will need professional shooting, lighting, design, concepts, editing, titling and graphics if you want to attract the big players. This is what we, at Left Click Productions, provide. A young, fresh, professional approach that “gets you.” Give us a call and lets chat, because we’ve been there and we understand your issues. leftclick@live.ca or (613) 231-6274

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