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Carolyn’s Couture Closet–O.C.R.I.

Carolyn’s Couture Closet is one-of-a-kind amongst the “Consignment Stores in Ottawa.” Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, it offers a collection of unique couture fashion from different parts of the world, different designers, and different people’s closets! Each and every piece is hand-picked, dry cleaned and made available to you to RENT. That’s right, nothing is for sale but everything can be borrowed! “Something old, something new…. “ You know how it goes. No longer will you have to splurge on that perfect outfit for the birthday party you have to attend, the date you are going on tomorrow night, your friend’s wedding or the job interview in which professional and fashionable attire is a must. And if you’re like me, you know that the dress you bought to wear to last week is lucky if it sees the light of day TWICE.

The entire collection is available to view at our website where you can reserve items to rent up to 48 hours in advance and borrow them for 72 hours. All items must be picked up and dropped off at the in-store location where the items can be tried on. A deposit is required for each item borrowed. Please visit my website or contact me for more details! Happy Borrowing!

To borrow an item, simply reserve it by sending a message in the "contact" page. Fill out the message box and make sure to identify the code that you want to borrow. The items will be placed on hold for 48 hours. They must be picked up from the in-store location and returned within 72 hours of pick-up. All items require a deposit. Methods of payment include VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or cash. The deposit will be returned upon inspection and return of the borrowed items. All item pick-ups and drop-offs are by appointment only. Please call Carolyn's Couture Closet 613-889-9555 or 357 B Elgin Street, Ottawa, K2P 1M7 or email or carolyn@carolynscouturecloset.com to arrange an appointment.



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