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Connecting from Home

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Connecting from Home

It is no surprise that nutrition plays a significant role in the state of mental health. After all, if your body is healthy, then it is functioning at it’s best and like staving off infection, it contributes to a balanced, healthy mind. Recent research shows that poor nutrition affects brain functions, moods and behaviors.

You know how cranky people can get when they miss a meal. That is low blood sugar and if not corrected will could exacerbate a physical or emotional state of being. Moodiness is the first sign with decrease reaction times. Not such a bad thing when you’re within reach of the fridge, but imagine this situation in a remote wilderness or in a an unfamiliar urban environment and it takes on a whole new level of risk.

Thought, reasoning and creativity require more energy then you think which is why it is important to maintain a high quality nutrient supply. You might be surprised to know that 20% to 30% of all the energy consumption is during rest. Chronic energy deprivation and malnourishment results in redirecting all its energy towards the systems that require higher energy supply that keep us alive. So, if your nutrition intake is just the minimum amount to keep you alive, but you are trying to think, function and get ahead, I’ll bet that you’re not getting very far.

Poor nutrition contributes to changes in hormonal levels, weakened immune system efficiency and poor transport of nutrients body parts. All of these factors have a direct or indirect affect on mental health. Healthy eating and increased physical activity are a winning combination for a balanced mind, body and soul.

Connecting from Home supplies wellness products through Kim Cherveny and Karen & John Gillighan who can be reached at 1-800-705-5404 or kareng@iglide.net



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