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Event Planning and Wedding Planner Ottawa

Event Planning and Wedding Planner Ottawa

Stellar Events is Ottawa’s premiere wedding planner and event planning company, offering services in both official languages. We create unique, one-of-a -kind special events for our clients, incorporating cultural influences and personal style.  We bring fairytale weddings into reality with the ease of waving a magic wand. All you need to do is add the Handsome Prince. We marry your vision, style and expectations with our creativity, expertise and attention to detail.
You get the benefit of the relationships we have cultivated with Ottawa’s most inspired, gifted and sought-after people in the industry, which allows us to connect you with a list of professionals that are dedicated to making your wedding or event their top priority. The expert services offered by Stellar Events, combined with access to their vast team of qualified vendors, results in an event that exceeds your expectations without the stress of having planned it on your own. Our goal is to make sure that you have a stellar event!

Extraordinary weddings do not just materialize; every detail must be deliberately planned and flawlessly executed in order to be awe-inspiring. Hiring a wedding planner is no longer viewed as an extravagance; instead it is a crucial component to any well-planned event.
According to WPIC, it takes an average of over 250 hours for a bride to plan her wedding. It is no wonder that a lot of brides become overwhelmed with the countless details involved in coordinating a wedding. Hiring a planner relieves some of the stress and leaves you with more time to enjoy your engagement. Whether you want your special day to be an intimate occasion or a lavish affair, Stellar Events will take care of all the details to make your wedding day magical.
Many couples are adding ethnic spice to their special day in order to preserve cultural customs or celebrate a special moment in their courtship. Some couples want their cultural traditions to be the focal point of their special day, others want to take a more subtle approach. However you want to bring your love story to life on your wedding day, whether it is by incorporating cultural traditions, a unique theme that expresses your life together or a more traditional white wedding- we have the knowledge, creativity and dedication to turn your vision into reality.
Whether you need professional guidance and support with all aspects leading up to the wedding, professional assistance on the day of, or simply a list of reliable vendors to help point you in the right direction, Stellar Events will help ensure that the demands of planning your wedding do not take away from the romance of your engagement. We offer three types of services consistent with WPIC standards.

From holiday parties to corporate events or even a romantic dinner for two, Stellar Events can coordinate the details. We can plan, organize and orchestrate any event minimizing stress and providing clients with more time to enjoy their guests. With creative theme suggestions and an air of sophistication, these events will be the talk of all their guests for years to come.
Whether you need professional guidance and support with all aspects leading up to your event, professional assistance on the day of, or simply a list of reliable vendors to help point you in the right direction, Stellar Events will help ensure that the end result is an event that incorporates all you wanted to accomplish without the stress of planning it on your own.

You can reach us at…


Phone: 613. 302. 3700


Email: cvito@stellareventsandweddings.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StellarEvents

Twitter: twitter.com/Cristie_Vito

Blog: stellareventsandweddings.blogspot.com



One comment on “Event Planning and Wedding Planner Ottawa

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