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Search Engine Optimization Ottawa

Search Engine Optimization Ottawa

Today’s guest is Dean Emerick of OttawaSocialMediaMarketing.com.  With 90% of consumer purchases being made within 20 miles of where people live or work, local marketing strategies have always been important. But now, with 86% of all local searches being online, (as opposed to telephone or yellow page directories) and 90% of these searches resulting in offline activity, if consumers cannot find you online, they may not find you at all. That is where Ottawa Social Media Marketing comes in.

Marketing in Ottawa has always relied on newspapers, radio and television. They were expensive and you could never be sure of how effective your campaign was. Nothing has changed because people still like to get their information by reading, listening and watching. But if you want to get exceptional Search Engine Optimization for Ottawa, then you are going to need to use Media in you Internet Marketing strategies.  Like anything, there are effective and ineffective ways of doing this.

Web Marketing in Ottawa has been a growing industry. Every business owner knows that consumers are looking online. Business owners exclaim that “Word of Mouth,” is their best salesman. Well, that is still true except that people are talking online. They mingle in chat rooms, post in Facebook, they tweet on Twitter, post videos in Youtube, espouse in Podcasts and write on their Worpress Blogs about their best and worst experiences. Where they are is where you need to be.

Most website owners don’t know that when Google indexes your site, 50% of your Page Rank, (1-10), comes from what you have on your page. This boils down to finding text in several key places, anchor text and backlinks. But what most people miss is that the other 50% comes from what you are doing on the rest of the Internet and whether anyone is paying attention to it. That is where social media marketing matters… a lot! What you may not understand is that only about 26% of businesses realize this and even less know how to leverage it into results. Bottom line: 9 out of 10 consumers search for products and services online that they can find locally but only 1 in 4 business are able to be found. Do the math. If you are not being found, you may need SEO in Ottawa.


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