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Marketing Ottawa

Marketing Ottawa

When it comes to Marketing in Ottawa, sometimes we all feel like we are being shunned by Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the other search engines. It’s like we are the quiet middle child who works hard, doesn’t complain and chugs along like the “little engine who could.” We make changes on our websites, add keywords and spend a fortune on design in hopes that this will improve your Page Rank. But we only find out that THAT didn’t work either and we are left hungry for Google love.

Well one thing that most website owners don’t know is that when Google indexes your site, 50% of your “score” comes from what you have on your page. This boils down to finding text in several key places, anchor text and backlinks. But what nobody ever tells you that the other 50% comes from what you are doing on the rest of the Internet and whether anyone is paying attention to it. So, if you have posted on Youtube, good. If you are updating your profile on Facebook, good. If you have a separate Page for your business, good. If you are tweeting on Twitter, good. 

Keep in mind that 90% of consumer purchases are made within 20 miles of where people live or work and 86% of all local searches are online (as opposed to telephone or yellow page directories). 90% of these searches result in offline activity, so if consumers cannot find you online, they may not find you.

That is where Shotgun with Carlo comes in. For Marketing in Ottawa, you need to get away from your website. After all, most of the people coming to your website, already know that you exist, but there are thousands of searches every month by consumers who are looking for your services and products, who cannot find you. “Shotgun with Carlo” will get your company and your name real Search Engine Optimization in the Ottawa market. Using advanced Internet Marketing techniques, you will find your company catching attention in high traffic zones where consumers will find you and will listen to what you have to say. Take advantage of social media marketing in Ottawa, grab the Shotgun seat and take a ride through Traffic with Carlo.



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